We are three passionate young music lovers with a burning desire to understand where music and the music industry stands today, how it got here, and where it's going the next decade. To understand these questions and to look for answers, we are going on a gonzo road trip, searching for insights and answers on the back roads of America. We will then publish a book on our trip which attempts to answers those questions we just posed, a book of photography from out travels across North America, and a short documentary about the music we encounter on this trip.

Here will be our live updates, videos, photographs, and general musings on the people we encounter, the experiences we have, and our findings on music and the music industry in 2010.

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Oh hi y’all.

We’re back from our epic road trip across (half of) America. We’re almost out of recovery mode, as being cooped up in a Chevy HHR isn’t as comfortable as it sounds. Actually, it doesn’t sound comfortable at all, does it?

All kidding aside, we had a wonderful time with Reba, our rental car. Until she died on us in Memphis. We gave the ol’ broad a jolt or two and she was fine for the rest of the trip.

Now it’s go time. Tom and I have begun the transcribing process, and the writing should begin early April. As for the photography book, all photos have been uploaded and editing/retouching began early this week.

As for all you donors who are expecting postcards… well, guess what? You’ll be getting them soon!

More updates to come as Tom and I settle in and kick ourselves into gear.


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